Sudan 2005

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Getting there was more than half the battle. Sudan Air - where the flight schedule is indicative that may, at some point in the future, have temporary ownership of an aircraft. 

It must be said we did have to wait a bit while a fully functional version of aircraft was found.

Entry into Sudan is fine if a bit long winded - many lines to wait, generally the staff on duty at the airport were fine and good tempered. 

Customs man was especially happy in finding a frenchman with three bottles of whiskey. Watching the frog try to 'negotiate' the release of one bottle was cracking  spectator sport and helped an otherwise boring wait no end.

However it is still the only landing I have made where you can watch the anti-aircraft guns tracking the plane during approach...

Dive wise it was ok, water temp at 32C ensured that the wetsuit was left in the bag for the week - a rash vest was all that was required - except for Blind Date who, as it turned out, was a wimp.

Downside of the water temp was a total lack of sharks - either that or they have been taken by the long-liners.

Update from JC on the Royal Emperor ( Jan 06 ) says that the water temp has dropped and large amounts of hammerhead's have shown up - sods law.