Maldives Dec 2005

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We stayed on a small island called Velavaru 45 minutes by seaplane from Male.

The island itself was superb as was the hotel and staff. Dive wise it was not so good, the dive operation having just been taken over a couple of weeks earlier by the hotels new owners

The story in the resort was that the new owners were planning to add a load of water bungalows and jack up all of the prices, progress ? - not for me, but there you go.

Personally I found the diving was a bit restrictive, enforcement of the 30m max depth was harsh and I got slapped a couple of times for bad conduct!

The dives themselves were 'ok' but the coral was hit hard a few years back when the sea temperature rose and has not really recovered, it may never. 

The staff did try to pair you up with others of similar experience but I did get landed with a couple of muppets who could consume a tank of gas in very short order. To be honest I did not appreciate leaving the dive 'early' due to another - not at $50 a dive anyhow. 

Sadly waving your new 'mate' goodbye when he ran out of gas was not an option ( another slap ).